Meetjesland International BBQ Contest is an official KCBS certified event. This means we follow the KCBS rules and regulations. You can download them :


The rules, precautions of the gouvernement and the KCBS involving COVID-19 (or other diseases), shall be followed at the proper moment of the contest !


  • The organization can not be held accountable for accidents, thefts, ...
  • Teams are not allowed to sell products, food or drinks during the contest ! 
    • Those who are interested in making sales can contact us for more information !
  • Tickets for the dinner and breakfast buffet are limited to 5/team, they are personal ! Extra tickets can be bought at the organization. Please make your reservation for extra tickets in time, this can be done by the contact page. There will be a reminder at the closure of the registrations.

Terrain regulations :

  • Campers/trucks/mobile home’s/mobile kitchens/food trucks… are allowed on the terrain, but must fit in your space of 4 x 8m !
    • No arrivals are allowed before friday evening 19:00 hrs ! (if you need to arrive earlier, contact us, we will look for a solution) (keep in mind there will be noise on fridaynight of loading and unloading trucks of the nearby factory)
    • They can only leave the terrain on sunday after the contest and MUST leave the terrain before sunday 20:00 !
  • Vehicles can enter the terrain for unloading purposes only! No vehicles are allowed during the contest on the terrain and must park in the designated areas ! Respect the neighbourhood and don't park on parking lots of the stores around !
  • UDS’s or BBQ’s may not be placed underneath a tent. They must remain in open air at all time.
  • UDS’s or BBQ’s which have direct contact with the ground must be placed on bricks or other fire resistent materials so no damage is done to the ground.
  • Tents / cooking area's must face the public area, so visitor's can enjoy your cooking and maybe have a little chat with you.
  • There are no other backgrounds, tents, banners,...  allowed on the award stage. Behalf those foreseen by the organization. Our sponsors made this contest possible, please have respect for them.
  • Quiet time: 23h00 – 07h !

Safety regulations :

  • Every team must be in possession of a 5Kg fire extinguisher.
  • Every team must be in possession of a fire blanket.
  • Every team must be in possession of a first aid kit.
  • Electric or gas devices for heating or cooking are not allowed on the competition area.
The items can be checked at all times ! Violations will be sanctioned !

Payments :

Payments can only be made online via wire transfer with your registration.Once your payment is accepted your registration is complete and your place in our competition is guaranteed.

Waste regulations :

  • A large metal container will be placed by the organization for ashes and only ashes !
  • Every team will be provided with two (2) waste bags.
  • Teams can buy additional bags on site for €5/bag
  • Only waste bags provided by the organization are allowed.
  • Teams must centralize their waste the designated area on the competition area. More info will follow on the teams captain meeting.
  • At your arrival, whilst checking-in, you pay a 100€ deposit (please provide the correct amount). You will receive your deposit back after the contest only if you have cleaned up everything neatly !

Cancellations :

Registering to our competition goes with a full commitment. Therefore we do not accept cancellations of any kind on any given moment towards our competitions. 
A registration is final.